Monday, June 29, 2015

Garden Harvest

Our limited watering is definitely hurting plants.
I am loosing the blueberries, and soon I will be pulling those out and saving the pots.
My little cherry trees have some bacterial thing that seems to be killing them.
The tomatoes are wilting faster, but not without giving their all.
So, the other day I harvested 8 lbs. of tomatoes from out front.
I gave a few to a friend and we are quickly consuming the rest. Yummy.....
Shown here are Big Rainbow, Cherokee Purple, and Mortgage lifter....
Then the next day I harvested a big basket full of Casady's Folly....a plum variety that is so pretty and prolific, but they have thick they really have to be skinned.
So, I pierced their skins and dunked them in hot boiling water and then when they cooled a bit I was able to peel the skins off...they went into the freezer for future sauce....
I also put some in the dehydrator....but I didn't skin those....They will be quite chewy when hydrated in a sauce....
I also harvested a bunch of peppers. This year I dedicated an entire raised bed to peppers, jalapenos and sweet peppers so I would have enough to make my family's favorite pepper jelly. These too have done extremely well...and I harvested a bunch to chop and freeze.
Then, I found some beans that were ready, and blanched them and froze them. Not many, but enough for a meal....later.
Our weather has gotten quite warm due to monsoonal moisture. It's early this year, and it will be time to dine outside tonight.
I fear that with the drought I will lose more plants. I have also lost my lavenders...both those not in sprinkler proximity and those in sprinklers. Can't figure out why. Anyone know why my lavender is dying? Some in the ground, some in pots, there is no common answer. Is there a virus that attacks lavender??
Anyway....take care...stay cool.

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