Monday, May 18, 2015

The Fireplace

Ok, so I'm letting my readers in on a trick I recently learned.
Painting the inside of the fireplace.
Yes, really.
Why you ask?
Well, it makes it "cleaner"...makes fires look better etc...
How did I learn this? Now, that is the story.
You see, Hubby loves his wood fires. Too much.
When we lived in Placerville, we had a wood stove that was way more efficient than the space heaters in our little house. So, he would crank a fire up to warm the little house so we would be comfortable.
To him a big fire is warmth.
We have lived here in this house for 25 years. He still acts like the fire is for heat.
Yeah, he has melted two iron log holders.
And, cracked the fireplace. One crack was so big you could see to the other side of the brick. No, not to open air, but it went way back.
So, the chimney sweep (yes there really are chimney sweeps) patched the cracks and filled the holes.
Years ago, I told Hubby, one day we'd have to go to a gas log set because of his fires.
So, I started a search on gas log sets etc.
We ended up going to the most expensive place on the fourth trip out.
They gave us a piece of advice.
No matter what you decide....clean it completely out and paint it.
What ????
Yeah, it gives a cleaner appearance....
So, then, I looked online. It is all over "blogville". Use "high heat paint" and paint the sides first and then the floor of the fireplace.
So, I did.

So, this is after one coat. I may go back and do another coat, although I'm not sure it's really necessary.
I used a cheap brush and threw it away...(I don't do turpentine to clean brushes). So, I'm waiting a few more days before deciding...letting the paint dry. Caution....if you use this paint it is very be sure to have lots of fresh air blowing in....
The doors will probably be coming off if we do follow through with a gas log sparks!
The doors might stay on we'll see, after all we have a little grandson....
Anyway....I wanted to share...
A 56 year old house that we have been in for 25 years needs a little updating here and there.....
Have you done this??
Looking at this picture I see the need for more paint....but no rush...we aren't having a fire anytime soon....


NanaDiana said...

No- I have never painted the inside of a firebox but it makes sense to me. We bought a Cozy Heat gas fireplace for the family room and as I look at it I see that the firebox is painted black. It does look good that way. xoDiana

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

That is a great idea...does have a fresh look! I love your header photo...just makes me want to sit down and relax!