Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Simple Gifts

In today's all so hectic and crazy world, the smallest things are the nicest.
Our eldest daughter is home after almost a year doing a house sitting job. She will be with us for about two months, when the condo she will be renting will be ready.
Most of her stuff is in storage and she is making plans for the new home.
She needs a few big things, like a sofa and a refrigerator and small things like pots and pans.
But what she needs too is plants. So today, I started her off....she had empty tea tins that I washed and planted for her...they will be quite nice in her kitchen or patio.

Because they will possibly be inside, I put a good amount of gravel in the bottom then dirt and cuttings from succulents that I already had. These will  grow quite nicely and actually be needing thinning months from now.
Aren't those cans adorable? They are from her favorite tea.....
Have a great day!

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Dee M said...

I love the tea tin planters -- cute idea! :)