Thursday, May 21, 2015

Memorial Weekend

As Memorial Weekend comes once again, I am a little, well, maybe a lot sad.
An entire generation is almost lost and all anyone thinks about is BBQs and summer fun.
It hits me even stronger when I am looking at craigslist and see all the estate sales.
My father-in-law passed now almost two years ago. Men and women of his generation and all they fought for, for us, and it is all just a "bunch of stuff". Things they prided themselves on owning or working hard for...or got "when I was oversea"....with memories and's sad.
Sad because two years ago we had to let the estate sale guy take and sell all the things we couldn't take with us...which was 95% of everything. We took so little. Our own homes were full.
Now that my eldest will be moving into a place of her own, I was looking at a few things....then I grew saddened.
Let's remember what that generation did. Their work ethic and determination. The World War so many fought in (and is so easily removed by textbooks).
I wish you a family filled weekend and don't forget to teach the younger members about what the older members we can have a peaceful holiday.


NanaDiana said...

Amen, Nancy. I feel the same way. It is so sad. It is also sad to see the older veterans that are so dependent on others for help and they have families that have left them behind. My heart breaks a bit at the VA every Tuesday when I volunteer there. It is sad. xo Diana

ps. I am so sorry that your lost so much of you FIL's "stuff".

Nancy's Notes said...

Well said, Nancy! Let's all remember all our Veterans, those lost and those wounded and those that are living with memories of war.


Anonymous said...

What a heartfelt post, Nancy. You are SO right. With our parents' generation almost gone now, it is very important to remember them and their sacrifices! Thank you for posting this.