Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Embellishing Napkins

I'm having a tea party!
I've invited a couple of friends and family for a tea party....and I wanted to do something special with the napkins I'm using...You know the napkins you have but haven't used??
Well, I've collected lots of linen napkins and some are old...but unused. They are delightful old napkins but I thought, why not make them more special??
So, here is what I did....
They are lovely really....but cried for a touch of color.
Since my newly made tablecloth has blues....
I thought I'd play with the stitches in the know those fancy stitches your machine has?? Yeah, those, I think they need to be used......

Now, I used three stitch options and each got a different I did 6 napkins. It took about 20 mins give or take per napkin. Recommendation here....use a lightweight tear away stabilizer...on the first three I used a heavier tear away, and it pulled out a little of the old stitching, so be careful when doing this. but lightweight worked better.
Even better, I used the old saved stabilizer that I put away from previous embroidery I didn't need to use new save leftover from'll use it up on a job such as this.
But really, aren't they so delightful now??
What a conversation piece! So much fun for the tea party! Just a light hearted decorative way to brighten them up. So next time you are thrifting...go ahead and get those little napkins....and decorate them ....they will thank you!


NanaDiana said...

What a sweet idea...and what a nice little surprise when you pick a napkin up. Love it!!! You did a great job- xo Diana

Nancy's Notes said...

Well, look at you Nancy! Those are just beautiful and you are so clever! Love them!


Chatfield Court said...

Making pretty napkins beautiful. Great idea Nancy!