Saturday, April 18, 2015

April In the Garden

My Saturday was a busy one catching up on gardening jobs that had been put aside while quilting.
I cleaned up in the fenced veggie garden, pulling weeds that had grown, even though there is weed barrier cloth. I trimmed bushes that are more like trees, and added soil to the main raised bed there and planted a few bean seeds. I'm hoping our meager watering will still inspire them to grow.
I fed and watered by hand the other raised beds, my "potager". Though I now dread summer with water being so scarce. I have starting changing the way I do things in hopes of cutting back a bit of water usage.
Out front, I did more of the same...watering carefully the plants that need it. We will see how summer plays out. Already, I can see some plants resent being cut back. The trees on the side of the house show it the most. We are only watering 3 days a week and have cut the times on each station. We probably won't get many apples, apricots or peaches this year, although the quince tree is showing a fair crop so far.
But most surprising are the little cherry trees that are in the front yard. They are really just sticks...babies. This is their third year. The biggest tree started blooming a month ago and then the littlest showed some blooms. The biggest tree actually has some fruit growing! So exciting! We might just get a few, like a handful!
 These are semi-dwarf trees in 18 x 18 boxes. the roots can, when they need get into the ground below...
 Here you can see the little cherries...and in the background the boxes I put on the lawn to grow tomatoes and squash. We have actually had three little zucchinis!
These are terrible pictures, I am sorry, but I was so excited to see little fruit!
Out front I also have blueberries, about 10 plants in pots under a tree. They have been great the last several years, this year we will see a drop in amounts I think....however, I did get a handful this morning, and made gluten-free blueberry muffins with chocolate chips. Very yummy. That is how we started the day....
The muffins are made using Pamelas gluten free baking & pancake mix. A simple and easy recipe to whip up 6 little muffins in no time. It was extra special to go out pick some berries and throw them in.
I hope your weekend is going well.....


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there and thank you for visiting my blog !
I am sorry about the tight water restrictions .. it is so serious and when you think about the waste for golf courses etc ... it makes you crazy I bet.
I love the excitement of the berries .. I would be too .. I wanted to do a potager garden here but I am not really keen on growing veg .. herbs on the other hand I am crazy about.
Good luck with your garden season .. I understand the reluctance with summer .. believe it or not we get very hot humid weather here and it can wear you down fast !
Joy : )

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

So sorry about the water restrictions.....

Thanks so much for your visit!!