Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Painting the dresser

Well, we finally emptied my Father-in-Law's big storage unit....no small task.
But aside from that, we kept one dresser that is heavy and made really well and all solid wood.
It is for my eldest daughter who hopes to have a place of her own soon...
The dresser was blonde 1950's modern piece, not really pretty, but good bones.
So, she decided it would work to paint it.
Of course, I recommended French Linen. Mostly, because grey is a great neutral and it can go with so many other colors....
So, yesterday she had off, so I invited her to help.
I suggested we go to Peinture here in Costa Mesa to look at the appliques they have for sale.
Now, the main thing she didn't like were the handles on the dresser. They were brass and 50's modern...not her taste.
I took one off to see what size they were and found that they were super unique. They measured 1 3/4" centered. Hummm. what to do when you can't just replace?? Reface.
Yup, we decide to paint them with the paint to draw the eye not to them but to the whole dresser.
Then, the applique. She didn't want much, just a touch....So, we bought two small appliques.
She wiped the dresser down, and we began....

 First coat going on.

Here are the two appliques, the wreath on the outside and the little keyhole in the center....

 Here it is all back together...you still see the handles, but your eye doesn't just land there...you see more of the whole dresser...Do you like our applique??
The center of the keyhole got a little dab of black to make it look like it is missing the key....
Well, I think we did a great job for an afternoon in the garage.
While we were painting in the garage, it started to rain, and get dark, so the grey doesn't show as well. But trust me...this little dresser will serve her well for the next 50 years....
Have a great day!