Sunday, December 14, 2014

Design Dilemma

If you follow my blog, you know what my livingroom looks like.
I have a dilemma.
You know already I have my eyes set eventually want a fireplace surround, but what I am looking into now is different than just the fireplace. I am hoping I will get some ideas from you....
Here is a view of what I have now....
But what you don't see is ......light!
This livingroom is quite dark. It has two lamps that are on the chair side, and when the Christmas tree isn't there, a light sits behind the couch....That is it. Three lights.
In my old age that is creeping into my life, I have noticed it is quite dark.
Do I get a chandelier? It would hand from our 8ft. ceiling in front of the fireplace mantel....
Or do we get recessed lights??
Ok, here is the messy living room (real life) complete with tree and boxes that are going out...(organizing)...
Would a chandelier be too crowded? If not how big? or should we just do some recessed lights??
I'd love to hear from you!

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NanaDiana said...

While I love chandeliers, Nancy, I think an 8 foot ceiling is too low for a decent sized one....unless you are going for a tight to the ceiling sort of one. By the time it hangs down (even if it is a foot) you are at 7'..less if there is any chain on it. I have the same thing in our bedroom where I would love a chandy. It would have to be close enough to the wall that you weren't walking under it. That is just my personal opinion.

We did put recessed lighting in and while I was never a fan of it BEFORE-now that I have it I LOVE it. We put it on dimmers and can have any level of light we want.

My son has 8' ceilings and (this is a more modern look) he put up one of those S-shaped (snake shaped) fixtures. It is about 6' long and has lights that he can angle at any degree to get light wherever he wants. That works really well for him.

Well-like I say-that is just my opinion. Hope you get lots of others, too. xo Diana