Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas Tree Decorating

Today is the day.
We are going to get our Christmas tree.
We have had all kinds of discussion about "real" versus "fake", and Hubby still insists on a "real" tree.
I am personally tired of cleaning up after trees during this season, tired of having to wait to get a tree, when one could just get it out of the garage. Tired of worrying about fire hazard, the drying out and getting down on my knees to "water" it. I want a "fake" tree. But, alas, I have again lost the battle. He wants the "smell" of a "real" tree.
So, today is the day.
Then, I have to decorate it.
I always have great plans to make it look designer, but also simple is good.....
How do you decorate?
I found these samples on Pinterest....

It used to be I had all colors of a days I tend toward white and red....but these trees are inspiring..
What do you do with your tree?

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