Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Bottling and such

Today is kind of restful.
The gifts were wrapped days ago. Nothing on the calendar for today. We got to sleep in.
Lovely days like this, I actually made breakfast!
Seriously, I am in my bathrobe and decided today was good for bottling the Lavender Liqueur that has been steeping in the guest room (the coldest room in the house).
So, I brought the beautiful liqueur from there and got out the funnel and the bottles I had prepared...
Of course, according to the recipe, we have to wait now until at least June to enjoy it.

50 lavender heads
2 cups (400g) superfine sugar
3 1/8 cups (750ml) vodka

Put lavender heads, sugar, and vodka into a large, sterilized jar. Seal the jar and give it a good shake.
Store in a cool dark place for 3 months, giving it a shake once a week.
Strain the liquid through a piece of fine muslin or cheesecloth. Pour into sterilized bottles and cork. Although it will be ready for drinking immediately, it will improve with age.

Now that is the recipe I started with.
Cruising through the internet I have found variations to it. One said, if you are using dried lavender (which I admit I was) strain when the liquor has taken on a good color. It did that in two weeks, so I strained it. I have bottled it to let it ferment in the bottle for at least two more months.....

The book I used, Making Wines Liqueurs & Cordials, by Beshlie Grimes, was a gift a couple of Christmas's ago. How perfect to try some out.

However, my friend and I are following an Italian recipe for Lemoncello, but using limes instead. So far we have bottled that and I have to say, it is amazing. The difference here? The lime rinds steeped in Everclear for two weeks, then we strained and added a sugar syrup and they have to sit for 6 months before testing. They smell divine!

Am I a big drinker?
Nah, just a person who is looking to use all of our harvest.
Remember how I made jam and marmalades? Yeah, this is just more of the same.
Have I tried any? Nah....I can wait. I just think it is nice to be able to use everything in more than one way.

So as I clean up around the house today getting ready for Christmas Eve, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and hopefully a bountiful New Year at home and in the Garden!


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