Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Blessings on Thanksgiving

As my daughter and I start in on our Thanksgiving baking, I want to take a moment and give Thanks for my family. I have a wonderful husband, delightful grown children, a special son-in law and now I have an adorable little Grandson, who is too young to sit at our table, but at 6 weeks is a special gift.
So, wherever you are...please take the time to stop and give thanks for the people; the friends and family in your life for that is what sustains us in the tough times. They are the "warm fuzzies" that carry through the cold winter that comes so soon and warm our hearts.
I am thankful too for those of you that read my little blog, especially for those who comment. May you all be blessed in the coming season. May you be safe and warm this Thanksgiving.

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