Monday, October 6, 2014

The Table Runner

For Fall, I wanted to make a table runner...with leaves appliqued on it.
Now, as for appliques, I am untrained. I have read about paper piecing, and needle-turned and all that...but I am one of those people who has to have a "trainer" sitting beside me and here we are....a desire and an accuquilt cutter that cuts leaves. Hummmmm
Well, "just do it" comes to why not? So what if it isn't perfect? So what?
So, I cut up fabric from my stash and bought some dark brown that went with the fabric...then I played at layout....

And then, using a temp adhesive, I set about trying to stitch them to the fabric with a machine. Well, that didn't work....thin fabric with no support and then the temp adhesive starting letting go....
So, then, I set about hand stitching. I am not so great at embroidery stitches, and I didn't want to use embroidery floss....I started using the embroidery thread that I use on the machine. But the long brown fabric was being difficult. Hummmm
So, I cut the fabric into four sections so that I can put the leaves into a frame for stitiching. That seems to be working better. Still, not such pretty stitching. Someone looking at it will undoubtedly think it is a child's work. So what. I am enjoying it...great to do while watching TV.
Oh, and I created acorns for the needed those. So, when its done, I will share.....
Anyone got great tips on applique by hand??

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