Tuesday, October 7, 2014

In the garden

Here in Southern California, we have been barraged with uncommon and prolonged heat. It has made gardening impossible and endangering the plants we have growing.
Because we live in Costa Mesa our water is coming from deep, deep wells...so we are not on the same restrictions of water that everyone in LA and parts of OC are experiencing. Even so, we have been careful with our watering. Our sprinklers are on early in the morning for 5 minutes per cycle and three times in a week. It may sound like a lot, but our water use has been reduced by about 40% from last year. So, when it is very hot like it has been, some extra hand watering is required to keep our meager crops and all alive. Luckily, the "crops" at this time of year are few and are in raised beds, which also require less water due to size.
But today dawned foggy. To that I rejoice....it appears that the heat wave (for now) has broken. The tree man came yesterday and cut the jacaranda back, so I am able to plant the favas in the old veggie garden.
The old garden is where all crops were raised....until the size restricted me in what we grew.
That area has been somewhat resting over the years...growing mediocre this and that.
Today was the day all that would change.
I dug it up and turned it, adding my favorite amendment, Harvest Supreme.
I planted two rows of Fava Beans with dreams of being able to share with friends and family.
In So. Cal this is the time to plant Favas as they can grow all winter with our temperate climate. They are hardy unlike other beans in cold almost frosty weather.....
 This is my seed container, a metal box that I picked up at a garage sale......
 I use an inoculant with all beans and peas...it helps them grow better....
I planted two varieties one a small variety and the other is the largest broadbean....
I also wanted to show you my new method for preserving the package so you can see what is in the row....A sandwich ziploc! A hole is created in the tiptop part so no water gets in to the bag. Other methods have failed me, so I am hoping this truly works. So far, so good!
Last week, I planted two packets of beets and one of carrots...the packets are doing well here and as you can see, they are already coming up! Opossums have come into the yard and thankfully they have been enjoying the snails! So far, snails haven't eaten the small beets!
As I type this, the fog is lifting and revealing a very blue sky....and other chores call.
I hope you have a wonderful day!

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NanaDiana said...

We have been lucky. We have never had watering restrictions here by the Great Lakes.
You garden beautifully and I enjoy visiting and seeing what you are up to.

I am mentioning you in my post tomorrow-a mini-thank you! xo Diana