Thursday, September 25, 2014

What is a Jerusalem Artichoke?

Jerusalem Artichokes are also known as Sunchokes. You see them in the stores...those nubby looking  root things. Wanna know what to do with them?
Well, for the most part they are the root of a sunflower plant. Beautiful plant too, I might add...
Those roots can be used much like potatoes, terrific roasted with a chicken.
One needs to harvest them when the plant has started to die back a bit, no longer blooming.
Wash really well as they have all kinds of nooks and crannies to clean. I last used a nail brush to scrub them clean.
There are lots of recipes out there for Sunchokes.
 This is a basket of Sunchokes harvested from my garden.....
And this is a recipe of mine...roasting them with broccoli in olive oil and seasoning.
Some people prefer to skin them, and you can...however I found it frustrating to try and skin them.
Either way, I do need to mention an unmentionable...gas. Sunchokes seem to bring out the worst in some people. If you are susceptible to gas...perhaps pass them up. Use them just to spark the yellow in your garden instead. Flowers from one tuber produce a tall (up to 6') plant with multiple heads of bright yellow that goldfinches absolutely adore....
One tuber will produce lots more tubers each year, so you could have a huge field of Sunchokes if you never dig them up. They die back every year to nothing and just when you are feeling like spring will never come...these come back and grow all summer long to be among the last to bloom.
So, if you don't eat em, grow em!
Where did I get my chokes to grow? The market! It isn't uncommon for me to wander the market for tubers, seeds and such to add to the garden....
Find a place in the garden with sun that you don't need to disturb and enjoy them for years and years to come!

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NanaDiana said...

I have never eaten them...and now I don't think I ever should see what plain old broccoli does to me. lol I will feast my eyes on the pretty yellow flowers instead- xo Diana