Friday, September 19, 2014

Update on Water Issue

Dear Readers,
I just have to tell you...
Remember the water thing?? About how my dog, Belle is doing better?
When I took her in yesterday for the follow-up I told him about our water and how I had changed it.
He said actually it made sense...since the city is on wells and that we were all an agricultural area (who knows what other chemicals are in there).
Now I have medical proof!
Yesterday, the vet did a follow-up urinalysis to check for the crystals that she had.
Her urine PH was 8 before and she had crystals.
Yesterday, her PH was a doggie perfect of 7.5! And NO crystals in her urine.
He was so excited he called me right away when he got the results!
"Don't change a thing, whatever you are doing, keep doing it!", he said.

Today, she is resting better at night, playing with Tucker in the AM. Although the itching is not completely gone, it is noticeably better.
The vet was really impressed and said he will keep it in mind when treating other dogs with "allergies"...
Take care,

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NanaDiana said...

I am so glad you sweet pet is better...and good info for the vet, too! xo Diana