Monday, September 1, 2014

Transforming the child's chair

A few years back I painted a little old oak chair black. It had belonged to my husband when he was little. At the time, he was less than pleased that I had painted HIS chair. It was a cute piece in our house for several years, then with time it ended up in the garage...probably due to changes being made in rooms.
Recently, our daughter showed me a color she plans to paint her baby's room. Inspiration hit. I brought the chair in, asked Hubby first if I could paint it. He said YES! So, as I do, I went to Peinture here in Costa Mesa and purchased a sample pot of Aubusson Blue.

So, here it is in progression....

...then I waxed with clear wax and buffed after dark wax......
Hubby is happy to give his soon to be Grandson his chair....
Have a great labor day!

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