Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sad and sadder

My post is here to share what I do and find.
Perhaps to make a blogger friend or two.
But, recently, there have been no comments, no notes of any sort.
Stats show I have readers.....but still no comments.
Life is hard. Everyone has good and bad moments, big and small, yet even with this media, we are all still just in our own little worlds...
Perhaps you laugh at my blog...that is allowed...I actually have heard worse.
But, perhaps I have given you a small smile, or a light at the end of your tunnel.
Let me know....
For me a smile is seen in people around me and in the flowers and plants in the garden....

Hope you have a great evening and tomorrow!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love reading your posts, so please don't stop sharing. I'm so glad you found out about the type of water that would help Belle! Although I don't do crafts, I do love gardening, so I really love seeing the pictures of your garden, and am amazed at your creativity!

Best to you,