Sunday, September 21, 2014

Gluten Free Stuffed Peppers

Last night, my daughter and I created in the kitchen.
I had planned to make stuffed peppers, something I haven't done in years and years.
There is a trick that I learned from a friend about peppers. You need to pre-steam them before you fill them with the filling. Yeah, I didn't know. Probably why I never liked my Mom's stuffed peppers or mine. They were always crunchy. Plus, everyone always uses green peppers, which I am not as fond of. Why not use red peppers??
So, I bought red peppers and some zucchini. I also bought ground bison, which is around 93% fat free!
My daughter and I made rice to use and proceeded on to the rest of the stuffing.
We chopped half of a large sweet onion, 4 cloves of garlic (finely minced), basil, cilantro and the trimmings from the peppers....which by now were in their steam bath.
To the onion mix she added the bison and when that was browned we added a can of cannelli beans, some (about 3 TBS) chopped sheep's milk cheese (one of the only kinds of cheese our Dr. recommends), and then some tomato soup(We didn't have tomato sauce) (We used the Trader Joe's boxed kind about 1/3 of the box).
The peppers were perfectly and lightly steamed so we took them out, being careful to drain them, and placed them in an oiled pan and filled them.
Of course we made too much I scooped out the zucchini and we filled those too.
Popped them all in the oven at 375 for 35 mins and Presto! We had delicious, gluten free peppers and zucchini. They were low fat, low dairy and gluten free!
Know what? They were 100% delicious!

Before cooking....
 Let them get golden brown, and fork tender.....
Then serve with a salad....this salad included a few greens from our garden, especially arugula. The salad would be excellent with sliced pears, walnuts and gorgonzola cheese.....
Eating healthy is a fun adventure in the kitchen. It means creating your own recipes or as my daughter and I do, we take a recipe and then make it our own! You can too! If a recipe calls for say "bread" for the filling....use rice, or beans or both! Bison was an excellent choice here being low fat as it allowed the flavor of the other ingredients to come through. The only fat added was a TBS of fat in the pan to cook the onion and the bit of oil in the pan for the peppers so they wouldn't stick.
Happy cooking!

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