Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Tale of Water

Ok, so this is not a scientific study. Nor is this much more than personal experience, however, I felt I needed to share this information, just in case someone else is at wits end.
You see, for years, our dog has been suffering from allergies. The constant itch, scratch, dry coat, rashes, "hot spots", chewing, (often all night), type of allergies.
She has a great Vet, who has been giving her different antihistamines and we found new food (actually went through three before we seemed to have gotten that right)...
We tried the probiotics, enzymes etc....for years. Yup, years. Found that she is allergic to those....
I have a closet full of dog shampoos, lotions, salves and more.
We have spent hundreds just on those alone.
We found that steroids don't work for her, make her more miserable.
Her feet were so red and chewed and her underbelly was almost completely black from the constant scratching, (yes, dog's skin turns black due to scratching just as ours turns tan from the sun).
She had sores and was losing fur.
Then, she started dropping weight.
She was starting to pant for no reason and her muscle tone was leaving.
We took her again to the Vet and asked for a complete blood workup.
Everything came back normal.
The Vet was stumped and so were we. Our dog appeared to be dying, for no apparent reason.
Then one night when I couldn't sleep, I got up and was going through the internet looking for some piece of info that might help. Afterall, the Vet was stumped. She was a mess and he didn't know what to do for her.
There it was a small story about another dog owner who switched their dog to alkaline water and their dog's allergies went away!
The next morning I told my husband and we agreed we had nothing to lose.
So, I went to the store and bought several bottles of Alkaline water to fill their (we have two dogs) water bowls. They loved it!
Then Hubby found his test kit that checks PH. Our PH came in at 6.5!
The alkaline water....8.
Our bodies and dogs are a 7-7.5!
Now, in 24 hours, the scratching stopped.
Here we ordered on Amazon a pitcher that turns water to alkaline water.

(and we ordered an extra filter too...)

In 48 hours, her skin was cooler and her eyes brightened.
Now at 10 days, her skin is growing fur back, and turning a normal pink!
Her feet are healing and her face is growing whiskers back...
Best of all, we all sleep better! No more telling her not to scratch!
She is getting some muscle tone back as her coat feels so much better.
Granted, it isn't the cure-all. She undoubtedly has some allergies....(so do I).
However you look at it, this was a missing link in all we had tried. It seems to be working, and yes, I am drinking the water too....
I am sharing this in case your dog or someone has skin issues...water is so important...don't overlook that as a cause of an issue for dogs or people...check your waters PH and what is in the water....
It could be the missing link in an issue at your home.
We have ordered a new fresh PH test strips to test our water and will be talking to our water district person this week. I still can't believe the old test strips, so we will see.....but something is definitely better with this water.
**Cats I might point out have a more acid PH in their system, rating about a 6, so this water would not be good for them....
Do your own research...find that tidbit of info that might help. But for us, that little tidbit turned an almost dying dog into a happy puppy all over again. She is sociable and happy. It is heartening to see the transformation each day. I can't wait to show the Vet this week when she goes for her "follow-up"! He won't believe what he sees!
Hope my story helps someone else....

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