Saturday, August 16, 2014

Yummy dessert and dried beans

Yesterday, we harvested more figs and the first bunch of apples from the trees.
Ah what to do...what to do...
So, while dinner was cooking, I played...I chopped up some figs and some apples mixed them with brown sugar and dumped them into a glass pie pan. Then, I mixed up an oatmeal (I like Coach's Oats from Costco), brown sugar, butter and a pinch of salt in the food processor and dumped that on top of the fruit mixture. When dinner was done cooking, I put that into the oven and let it cook for about 40-45 mins at 375.
After it came out, it needed a little I took a large handful of chocolate chips and put those on the hot "pie" to melt...perfect! Then, hard as it was, we let it sit for about 15 mins or so....then we ate it. Oh, that was yummy!
Now, today was a gardening catch up day. We harvested figs, and had to trim the tree a bit as it was so full it was going over....
We went to Roger's Gardens to get Kale, but alas, they only had dinosaur Kale (not a fan) or Russian Red, of course I found other things we just had to have. I found an eggplant with a baby eggplant on it...and another variety of eggplant as well as mint. I read somewhere that mint will chase away I thought it was worth a try. They are in the pot with the fig.
But, aside from planting and all, I discovered that the King Bean had lots of dried pods already! That is early this year. But dutifully, I brought them in and shelled them.

They are such pretty dried beans! They will be perfect in the winter time in a soup!
So far I have dried about 4 quarts or more of figs and frozen several gallon bags of them....I will have to learn some new recipes for figs....besides fig jam.
I have to say, for a little backyard, we get a great deal of produce!
How has your weekend been??

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