Friday, August 22, 2014

Yes, you can paint a lamp

My daughter works for the Fairmont. She is a world class concierge.....really....
Anyway, they were renovating and also changing out lamps in all of their rooms. They offered lamps for free to all employees, they could take as many as they needed!
Well, our daughter hopes to have her own place soon, and thinking ahead, she went and picked up three lamps...two table lamps and a floor lamp complete with very nice and expensive shades.
Of course, she didn't like the style so she brought them to me for a change of color and style.
Of course, I forgot to take the before pictures....they were black and gold. Not at all her color or style, but the "bones" were.
So, yesterday, I painted them for her using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen. They went from outdated and dowdy to simply fab!

She didn't want any dark wax used for a cleaner, crisper look but did want the two "rings" to be Duck Egg blue. They really turned out quite nice. Was I surprised, not is just so satisfying to be able to turn most anything into something new with a simple, truly simple, paint! We just dusted them and painted! Er, I painted....she watched and directed.
While we were waiting for the paint to dry, we slipped over to the design center near by, SoCo....and went into so new shops....Cisco and Farrow&Ball....ooohhh, eye candy. Then, we came back and finished up the lamps.
The true drying time was about 30 mins due to the surface of the lamp, drying times vary....
The lamps took two coats of paint, three if you count the duck egg touches.....
Then I waxed them let that dry and buffed.
Now, she has new lamps...cost 0 as I had the paint and wax....
Not a bad day.

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