Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Shower

Well, it all came together yesterday. 28 people at the first part of the shower and 42 for dinner. It was a two part day. The ladies with the shower, snacks, games and presents and then at 5 the "boys" joined for a BBQ dinner, catered by Newport Rib, which was perfect.
It took a lot of work to get it together, but it worked, even when their was a small rain shower that made us move inside for a short time....but we were able to move back outside for dinner (phew!) and a lovely evening for chatter and fun.
We had all the elements that I had read you should have for a good party....color, a theme, and surprises...especially for the guest of honor.
We did that "diaper raffle" which is so much fun that they are well supplied with diapers! We supplied a really generous couple of baskets, "night out" that had movie ticket coupons, wine, wine glasses, & popcorn. We did two of those drawings, one at the first part of shower and one with the boys. The games we played were fun but not "gross" as one guest put it (and trust me some of the games can really be!).
Our theme was based on a rain shower (because we were showering her with gifts) raindrops, parasols and teddy bears. The pictures that follow don't show them so well....but we made raindrops and put them on a clear line....those were inside and out. We used parasols that we found at thrift stores and online.
A dear friend does balloons for a living....we gave us a great deal and that was a surprise in itself....
At 4:45, the Newport Rib Company came and what was on the main table got moved to the counter and they set up with their tablecloths the food....ribs, chicken, sausages, beans, coleslaw, salad, & corn bread. Dessert was a cake we got from Costco.....even my daughter who dislikes cake said she loved it!
Beverages from the shower carried over into dinner in addition to wine, beer, soda and Pellagrino (people made wine spritzers!) Food that remained from the first part of the shower also carried over...everyone ate and ate!
So, without further are only some pictures from the shower. They were taken by my husband and daughter who helped put this show on!

 This was when gifts started to the end the table was overflowing...they got almost everything they asked for and then some!
 The fruit platter my daughter and her friend created.
 The table was covered with food....
 There were two platters that were empty in this quiches and "pinwheel" sandwiches that hadn't been put out....
See the Paddington Bear? That was my eldest daughter's (who was helping put on the shower)...he was perfect with his raincoat, rain hat and rain boots.
 We had simple table centerpieces of blue ball jars with baby's breath and white roses, which opened as the day progressed and then little candies that were white with blue baby footprints going down the table.....

Hope you enjoyed your day, I rested today!

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