Friday, August 1, 2014

Light at the end of the tunnel

My daughter's shower is tomorrow...and almost everything is ready.
In the mean time, we have been fighting our dog's horrible itches. I mean serious itching, scratching, chewing all the time. Her skin is raw and tired as are we all, because she wakes up in the night with it and furiously goes at her body. This has been going on for well over a year. Yes, we have taken her to the vet....numerous times. Her skin is turning black from so much scratching, and the vet says the itching is common to dogs in So. Cal...and it is considered an epidemic. The vets say it can be contact dermatitis or from something they eat.
We have changed foods. We have added probiotics. We have added enzymes.
We have literally spent hundreds both in vet visits and in sprays and lotions.
With such a problem we were desperate to find something that would really work. Even, if it worked only for a short time, to give her skin a rest and a chance to heal.
Day before yesterday, I was online looking for info....something, anything....and came across a blog by a lady who breeds Great Danes. Her site was just the source of comfort I needed and had strong suggestions and ideas. One was to wash the dog's bed in only a bleach and water, no soap or detergent. Makes sense....and did that. The other was to get this spray formula. She said she had seen great results.  So, I ordered it through Amazon and also ordered the shampoo that it works with.
It arrived yesterday and I gave our dog a bath immediately. As I washed her, she relaxed. Her eyes rolled with pleasure and it was no problem to leave it on for the prescribed 5 minutes.
Then, when she was dry, I followed up with the can be sprayed directly on open sores even, which is good, because those itch.
In minutes, her whole body relaxed. She stretched out and enjoyed the sun. EUREKA!
There is an added bonus. The biting flies didn't like the spray and flew away....they went and bit the other dog, so we sprayed him too....NO flies ! Now, we are on to something!
I am really happy to report, she truly slept last night! Now, her skin can start to heal.....
What is this magical product?  I will show you.
I have to say first....I am not being paid to tell you about it or any other reimbursement. I just had to share something that is making life a bit better for our dogs, and therefore for us.....
It really does stop the scratching and the "smelly" dog thing that can occur from skin troubled dogs. In fact, next time we see the vet, I will pass it along....

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