Sunday, August 17, 2014

Gluten Free Pancakes, can they be good and good for you?

I love pancakes.
My husband loves pancakes.
However, pancakes are made with wheat flour and eggs, and if you are to avoid those, it is a sad state of affairs.....Until now.
There is a baking mix that I have tried (I have tried many!) that I swear by and recently was able to buy a 4 lb bag from Amazon....
I have used the little bags of Pamela's and honestly they taste like the "real" thing! It is an easy to use mix, doesn't make a million pancakes and you can stick to the plan!
 How about blueberry pancakes?? Just add a few blueberries to the cooking pancake and then when ready, flip...
I am supposed to avoid eggs too, which I never really liked anyway, however, they are so important in baking and pancakes! This egg replacer is really good! Follow the directions and you will be pleasantly surprised!
Oh! And another thing that is yummy that we have tried. "Southern at Heart" the cooking show, she used and swears by Sorghum. Well, here in So. Calif, you will be hard pressed to find, I ordered it online. The sorghum is made by a company outside Louisville, Kentucky and it is super!!
Sorghum tastes like maple syrup and honey got together and had a baby!! Soooo yummmyy!!!
Anyway, enjoy this mix, even if you don't have to avoid wheat or eggs.....
Changing your diet every once in a while, is good for the system....
Happy Sunday!

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NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Love that you posted about g.f. pancakes. I have made many things with Pamela's mix and always love them. My family grew up on Bisquick and I now use the g.f. Bisquick mix-just so much like the original one. I try to avoid pancakes unless we are having grands over. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs, Noreen