Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bookend woes

I have some beautiful old marble bookends that my husband's Great grandmother had. They are a little small for the books I want them to hold up, but they also slide on the table. I came up with an idea.
Take some rug gripper material....
Cut a piece of it down....
Then take your bookend....and trace the bottom of it to fit....
then cut....
And under the bookend where you want it! Simple!
Now, if you want, you can glue the gripper material in place. In this case, the bookends are antiques as is the table, so I didn't want to glue the material in place. But, it seems to work!

You can see, on the other side I used a larger metal bookend as the books on that side are so tall, these bookends can't hold them without added help. But, on the right side there is no added I think this is something that will work!
Isn't it fun to find new uses for other items??
Have a great week out there!

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