Sunday, July 13, 2014

Perfect on the Porch

There is nothing like the soothing sounds of a fountain.
We have the big one on the patio.
We have the little one we just made in the veggie garden.
We have one in the side yard.
And now, one on the front porch, enticing us or friends to come sit a spell.
Hubby made it for me, as I was bemoaning the fact the fountain I had recently purchased didn't work.
The company did indeed reimburse me, but told to me to dispose of it. Well, I did, sort of. The pump and the design of that fountain didn't work, so, I took out the pump and with pieces from it and the old fountain from the veggie garden and a mini watering can, Hubby created a soothing little fountain. It is so darn cute!

Isn't it adorable?? Originally he was going to have it come out the spout, but it actually shot too this works. I love it. Cost? $21 for the pump (same that I used in the veggie garden fountain), and time. He made it so we have a switch in the bedroom. He used the old cable hole and has the wire going through that way. Pretty sweet.
Now I have the fountain I wanted on the porch.
Perfect on the porch!!
Hope you had a great day....
PS...Afterwards, I went to TJMaxx to get a small rug for the entry, and found the perfect pillow for the bench in the sale section (one has to look there, right??)....

So, what do you think?? It is outdoor fabric too, so that is even more perfect!
Take care....

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