Thursday, July 10, 2014

Out in the garden

Day before yesterday and yesterday, I was gardening....heavy gardening.
What we call the "veggie" garden behind the picket fence had fallen prey to weeds and overgrowth.
I had the gardener clear out some potted plants that I couldn't tackle myself and then, I moved stepping stones and weeded and put down weed barrier cloth and reset the stepping stones and then I put down bark. All of which was probably more than I should have done, but, I need that area for this huge party we are having in August. It will be the largest party we have ever had, and we will need every square inch.
I also have reseeded much of the lawn so people feel like they can walk there too.
It looks much better, though it isn't done. I need more bark. Good thing the party is still only a few weeks away instead of a few days!

Now granted, it still needs some work. And, I wish the neighbors would cut back their trees that weren't here when we did the garden some 23 years ago. This was where all the sun was and the only spot to grow it is super shady much of the year, but it still manages to grow mulberries raspberries, lettuces, beans and arugula. But their trees are also messy.....Ah, but it is a nice little place to go and rest a spell, and will be lovely for those who want to step away from the crowd we are expecting......
In any case, the best part is digging in the dirt and being able to do gardening, although I do think I may have over done it just a bit. So, I am taking the next few days off....let the old muscles rest. 
Do you ever over do it??

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Barbara Lilian said...

I think we all try to do too much all in the same day when working in the garden. I am the worlds worse.Now that I'm feeling much better & have started to potter about here & there in the garden & Mr France is having to keep telling me I've done enough & take a rest. But I know exactly how you feel having a big party happening soon. But try not to do too much or you will be too tired to enjoy your party.