Friday, May 23, 2014

I will be back...

This Thursday (yesterday) I had surgery to remove a very large tumor on my ovary.
The prayers have been answered and it was benign.
So, now starts the healing will be begin as the surgery entailed a large incision (was supposed to be lapraoscopic) to remove both ovaries and the tumor, so I won't be doing much for the next few weeks...I might start a quilt, but we will see.
Thanks again for the prayers!
Happy Memorial Weekend!


Barbara Lilian said...

get well soon Nancy, gather all your bits together in one bag or box and sit on your deck/terrace & enjoy doing some small projects that will be finished quickly. My thoughts are with you for a speedy recovery, but take things slowly. I know that's not easy & I am not the best one to practice what I preach. Best wishes Barbara

Bliss said...

Thank you for stopping in at my blog Nancy. I had my girl parts removed in the middle of March. All's well that ends well for me too. Hope you are feeling good.