Saturday, April 26, 2014

Just because....

Ever have those moments, where you just can't think of what to do for dinner?
You feel almost overwhelmed by the thought? Nothing sounds good, you aren't depressed, but at the same time you are?
Ever feel that way?
Yeah....that was me last night.
No reason to feel that way....I had had a  lovely visit and lunch with my youngest daughter, who I now can say is going to have our first grandchild!!! Yeah!
So, why was I in a blah and blue mood? I guess it happens....
So, dear sweet Hubby suggested that he go get something....How about Chinese?
Well, technically, there is a lot in that food I shouldn't eat...but you know, it sounded really good.
So, off he went to get some "fixin's" and I realized we needed a change of venue!
So, I created a "dinner out"

And then he lit the fire in the fireplace....and we watched the storm roll in from our window!
Sometimes, all you need is a change of view to change your perspective....ya know?
Have a great day!

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NanaDiana said...

Sounds like the perfect "take out" IN! CONGRATULATIONS on the new baby coming. It is so exciting...and life altering. I think part of it is we realize we are moving into the next phase of our lives-from being "parents" and "children" still to our parents and now we become THAT generation...the age we never thought we would be. It takes some getting used to.

You will love it all-just like I do! xo Diana