Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday is Wash Day

In the old Wee Sing Silly Songs, there is a song that has the line "...Monday is Wash Day..."
When I was little it was too....well, at least you had to strip and change your bed and put the sheets inside the pillowcase and take it to the laundry room....later Mom had a service that came and did all the sheets and they would appear a week later perfectly pressed and folded.
Oh, really, she did....and I remember thinking that sheets had to go out to be cleaned. (I was the youngest....)
Of course, that doesn't happen here....sheets get stripped, changed and washed by Moi.....
I also mend them if they need it.
Afterall, we use linen sheetes and pillowcases, and they can get very pricey!
About 8 years ago or so, I found the most wonderful king size monogrammed linen pillowcases.
They were on Ebay, and already were antiques....sad....the most wonderful soft old pillowcases. I have mended them over the years, many times...but today when I pulled them out, they were beyond repair. They will move to the rag bag sadly.
As my Hubby was cleaning out his closet (yup he really did!), I told him we needed new ones. He stopped. The cost of King size linen pillowcases can be staggering.....
Then I had a brainstorm!
I went to the craft room and dug into my linen fabric drawer and found just the right amount of linen for two pillowcases! Of course they would be just the right length, so I dug a bit more and found a great addition to the pillowcases, also the perfect cut! So, for about 1 hour of labor I created two new king size charge at all!!

The white linen was in the drawer from a large amount I bought for another project and the color band was originally from a skirt! This remnant was already cut and ready...imagine that....
These will go on next week.....
Have a great evening...

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NanaDiana said...

OH- Lucky you! There is nothing like linen, is there? I have two Irish linen pillowcases and I am dreading the day when they wear out- xo Diana