Friday, March 21, 2014

A Time to Sew

A few days ago I was frustrated by the squares I had inherited, because I found they really weren't all square, and the quilt I was trying so hard to put together wasn't square....and it bothered me. I tried trimming, cheating and ended up ripping it all out and setting it aside.....
Well, it occurred to me that if I could use my Accuquilt to cut them down to 6" square it would work, I would lose a tiny portion of the picture here and there, but it would go together better. So, yesterday, I cut them down, and I knew that when I sewed my seams I would lose some of the picture....but I decided the overall picture and quilt would be better.....
So, here is what I did today....

Here are close-ups of the bunnies....

Tomorrow, I will do a binding.
What do you think of my little quilt??
What did you do today??


NanaDiana said...

Oh- I love Peter Rabbit and everything to do with him. Do you have a Barnes & Noble close to you? If you buy and children's book there you can buy a really adorable little Peter Rabbit for $4.99.

I LOVE your quilt and I think losing a bit of the pattern was okay because it really turned out nice.

I have got nothing done but chasing kids and holding the new baby here- xo Diana

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, I love the fabric; you've done a wonderful job on this quilt. Love the colors too.
I've had one quilt I made that had issues but the fabric was strip pieced and no matter how many times I recut etc. it wouldn't work-so it is in my basket for the grands to practice on.