Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What we did today

Well, for over two years we have been looking for a nice border edging. We had plastic "faux" stone hammer in edging, but it had gotten quite worn and was getting caught on the hose, so it kept pulling out. We needed something for where water washes dirt and debris onto the sidewalk....
So, this weekend, we made a true effort, together, and went to several places. There were a few things that might have worked, but honestly, lots of work to "sink" them in, not to mention weight etc. We even thought about just having ground covers....but there isn't a watering system there.
Yesterday, when we got the wood for the shutters we made, we looked over the selection of edging that Home Depot had. Eureka! We found the perfect solution for us!
The edging looks like rocks, but is lighter, and has a flat bottom, so it looks like you spent all day sinking it in, but in fact, little prep was necessary. Only where the plastic stuff was did we have to dig and clear.
They are a touch "rustic" which I wanted and we think they look really good.
Easy. Affordable. Classic and Rustic.
We love them too for another reason....the hose rolls right over and around.......

And when you put them down, they look like this....

Then when done, sprinkle a little bark, and voila, a finished edge!

Now, each section is 12" long and they cost kinda a bit at $2.97 each. However, at this point in our broken body life, not having to get down on hands and knees to sink in other edgings, was quite worth the extra bit of $$. We were able to do it our ourselves and it was finished in an hour and a half! Really!
And yes, the Home Depot crew has helpers to help you load the edging both onto a flat truck and out to your car. So that will save your back too. (I didn't realize that at first, so my back is a little mad at the bending I did to load the first 30.) They don't weigh too much, much less than actual rocks, probably about 2-3 pounds ea.
Finally! A project done that we have been going back and forth on for two years (maybe more). Yay!
Here's to finishing your projects!!

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