Monday, February 24, 2014

Making simple shutters for the front of the house

What seems like a hundred years ago, I made shutters for the front of the house. I even jigsawed little hearts in them. Now, they seem more than dated, and since we are having the house painted soon, (like Mar 3rd if it doesn't rain), I wanted to make new simple shutters for the front of the house. Make them so they match in structure.

I like simple looks and didn't want them to be "perfect", but definitely it was time for a "new" look.
So, we went to Home Depot, bought 6 1x6s at 48" (already cut), and 6 1x6s at 72"(already cut and which fits the length of the windows they are opposite). Then had the gentleman there cut the cross pieces for us. (The only caveat was that we forgot that the boards aren't really 6" each, more like 5 3/4 which made the cross pieces an inch longer than they needed to be, so I got out my little jigsaw and cut off the ends of 8 cross pieces.)
We brought home our little treasures, set up the saw horses, and started.

With the simple tools of a drill, screws, tape measure, pencil we had the new shutters done in and hour and a half, counting clean-up. Cost, about $15 per shutter. As you can see, we chose cheap wood, but it will be primed and painted soon enough.
Here they are ready and waiting for their turn with paint and being put on the house.
Good quick project that will have great impact when done. Houses look so much better with shutters, even just decorative ones.
Ok, time for laundry.....


Tamyra Positively Southern said...

What a fantastic project!!! I love these shutters!!

Greg Arnett said...

Top flight tips! That should really be a fine save at some point, like if the windows break, right? Those are just options among many. Thanks for sharing!

Greg Arnett @ Sunburst Shutters Arizona