Monday, February 3, 2014

Greetings at the front door

Everyone knows that what is at your front door is important. If it is eye catching, it draws the eye to the door and draws guests in.....
If it is ugly or sickly, the guest will notice and get a feeling that the rest of the house might be the same....It is a feeling one gets....right?
Well, we noticed that one of the plants by the door had become covered in we believe was cotton aphid or some such pest. So covered, that we threw the plant, dirt and pot away.
I don't throw things away light heartedly, but this was bad, way beyond anything out there to fix it.
Besides, my sister is coming for a visit and she hasn't been here in 7+ years...and she is a gardener, a small neglected sickly plant doesn't present itself or the house
we went to the nursery. Yup, Hubby had definite ideas about what he thought would look good too.....
We were both immediately drawn to the Emerald Colonnade Holly.
We were told it would be good for containers and perfect for by the front door.
That it could take the heat (we will see) that the front gets and can be shaped over time.
It apparently produces small creamy flowers in the spring but no fruit. Hummm.....sounds good to me.
They make a grand entrance, so we were pleased. And, Hubby picked out the pots!

Sorry I didn't take a before picture....they were really "gross" and I wanted to get them out. I sprayed the wall with windex in hopes that any pests lingering there would be eradicated and I used fresh potting mix with water crystals in the soil. This area gets very hot in summer.

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