Monday, February 24, 2014

French Quilting

So, I have become interested in French Corded Quilting (Boutis) and regular French quilts.
The Boutis quilts are done on white fabric and have not batting, but rather a corded of cotton or larger pieces of cotton are drawn up between two lines of hand stitching. The effect is amazing when done and quite labor intensive.
The regular quilts are usually just two layers of fabric with batting in between, much like our patchwork quilts, but the design is more in the hand stitching than the pattern of the fabric.
In both, machine quilting is really not accepted form, though I have seen it done, but again the effect is different that way.
Both are hand quilted with lots of detail in the stitching of two pieces of fabric together.
I bought books on the subject and I am enamored with them.
So, to practice my hand quilting, I found two pieces of fabric that are the same print but two different colors (one of my thrift stores finds) and some polyester batting (gives thickness, but not too much and is easier to hand quilt through than my regular cotton batting (also a thrift store find).
With no time limit on my practice, I enjoy watching TV and stitching....and stitching...and stitching.

The reverse of what I am working on is the red, and that shows the stitching I have done....
Last night I finished what I could do in the quilt hoop and shifted the fabric to start some more.
I have to admit, I love hand quilting (when my hands will let me) and the effect is lovely, a cozy feeling gets added to the fabric. As I go, I am getting smaller stitches, which is what is desired. I am also going to try to do their rounded edges, with no binding...just stitched in like I found in the book I got.
Then, I am going to try a small corded quilt project. Those are all done in white.
Have a great day!
PS No, I am not quitting the machine quilting. I love that too. It offers speed and precision and a totally different feel....I am just expanding my abilities.....

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