Friday, January 31, 2014

A Party

My daughter is having a birthday....and I feel really old!
However, we wish her a great one and her gift was a small suitcase for a trip that she will be Maui!
She needed a carry-on bag, which according to airlines, is a 21" suitcase! Yikes, that is small, but I did manage to find her a good, how do you wrap a suitcase??
I looked for those plastic gift bags, to no avail. Personally, I am not a great gift wrapper, and a bag would have been so easy. But, I came up with a solution....."create" a bag using one of those plastic "tablecloths" that you can get that are disposable. Folded in half it was just perfect. I had to use fun shipping tape as regular scotch tape did not work on the plastic....but, it was wonderful.....well, not beautiful wrapping, but it did the trick!
Then, Hubby came home with some little silver cups and tray from a white elephant gift exchange at Kiwanis and what to do with these little things?? Humm, couldn't drink from them, a couple of them had very bad tarnish/damage to the inside....
Ah ha! turn them into votives!

They are actually quite beautiful as little votives! And the tray, well it wall for the little dishes of munchies we had before going out to dinner.....
Both the tablecloth and the little cups show that most anything can be used in another way than originally intended!
Hope you have a great day....

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