Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Saving the bench

Last year, you may remember that I found a bench on craigslist. It was an antique that had lived outside. I too am having it live outside, it serves a purpose the dead of winter, it lives under the table cover and is protected. However, there has been a few cracks that are threatening to become bigger and I had to treat it recently for termites!
I also have begun hating the shade of blue. It seriously looked like they had used Tempra paint to go over it. It was time to paint!
Well, I didn't want to use ASCP this time. I wanted more durability and help keep the cracks from getting bigger, so I wanted to use exterior latex. But what color??
Well, inspiration hit me, the same gray/black color of the Restoration Hardware bag!!

I took it to Ace Hardware and had them match the color......a lovely dark gray!
This shot shows you the crack and the blue....

It isn't quite finished yet, my back isn't too happy about bending over to paint, but I am happy with the shade, although here it looks more blue-ish (probably because it is painted over blue!).
I might even go ahead and paint the other outdoor chairs, because they are looking a little bedraggled themselves and I don't want to have to buy new furniture!
Here is the back, this shows the difference in color....
I have been thinking about the colors I would paint the outside of the house, and had thought I might possibly use this color gray for the shutters and the other bench on the front, but we will live with this color and see....I am having trouble finding the right shade to paint the main part of the house. I am vacillating between SW Agreeable Gray and SW Popular Gray for a subtle gray tone. There are three houses (one right next door) that are gray so one has to be careful and all....Does anyone out there know these colors?? I also like what I painted our livingroom, however that is a funny color that can turn lavender or pink in the sunlight!
I also am thinking a subtle white with a touch of the color in it for the facia and posts and then just around the window trim (windows themselves are white vinyl) a touch darker ...what do you think??
Have a great day!

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Junkchiccottage said...

I love this bench. It is got so much character. I love the color. I think it looks great.