Monday, October 28, 2013

Lost in the garage....

The last few months have been busy, let alone frustrating.
You see, when my Father-in-Law passed away, we had to bring home a great deal of "stuff" to our garage to go through it and organize. It is traumatic. It is exciting. It is frustrating.
We finally got two cars in, but honestly, the second car didn't really fit, it was too tight.
So, the process has been "weeding".
Now, I am a librarian, "weeding" should be easy. Well, sort of.
It can be obvious what needs to be "tossed" and what needs to be kept. It isn't always so simple when it comes to "historical". Afterall, Hubby's Dad had all the movies from Hubby's Grandfather as well as Hubby's Dad's movies, and slides and photos. Lots and lots and lots of those.
How do you weed those and how?
We discussed it at length...both of us. The conclusion is put all the slides and movies we want to keep on DVD. They will be in a smaller format, less space to store and since the movies are degrading with vinegar syndrome (see Kodak site on that), then no time like the present.
So, we started with the slides. Boxes and boxes and boxes of them. We were "hardcore" on them. If there were three pictures of the same thing, we picked the best of the three. If we didn't know who it was, we "discarded" it. We have spent two months now going through slides!
So do you remember slides? Do you remember carousels? Luckily Hubby had our old projector, so we have been able to go down memory lane most every night, "weeding" the collection. Soon, we hope to have it organized so we can take carousels labeled and ready for turning into DVD!
We also got out the old, old projector for movies that his Dad had and started going through those. Finding that most were important enough for family history, we have taken the smallest down to Costco to be converted....

So, right now our living room looks like this! A projection room! Hopefully soon, we can have it back as it is the first room you walk into and Christmas is just around the corner....yikes!
So, I have to say, if you have those family history in media as we seem to have.....consider Costco...much more affordable than the other companies....
Have a great week...

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