Thursday, September 26, 2013

Painting a frame

I was asked by a friend to paint her painting's frame. She had recently repainted and the faux antique brass frame was the wrong color for the newly painted wall. The painting was firmly backed into the frame so it would be a bit tricky, but if you know me, I needed a little project to paint!

So, I found painters tape, a brown paper that has tape already and I used some plain paper with frog tape. Once the painting was securely protected I began painting! No sanding, no priming.....

The color she chose was French Linen, with a subtle Old White wash....and then of course wax, clear and a touch of dark.

It really did turn out quite nicely.....
And for those who wonder, that is really me and yes, I am painting on a dropcloth thrown onto the dining room table. That is where I paint probably 90% of the time, unless the item is too big.....
Sometimes, I just paint the item right where it is with a dropcloth.....It works!
Have a great day!

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