Thursday, August 1, 2013

Just a Note

I have been lost this last couple of months, and especially the last few weeks.
My Father-in-Law passed away, and while trying to deal with that loss, we have only a few weeks left to get everything out of his condo; I mean, belongings etc.
That is why I haven't posted much.
Besides dealing with that, I have come to see how much stuff we bring into our own lives.
We actually have been extraordinary in not bringing home lots. Much has gone to thrift stores. That sometimes makes me cry.
It makes a life seem trivial, just to bag it or box it and send it away.
However, reality is, we all have our own stuff....and seeing the grandness of this job, makes me realize that we all need to plan ahead for our own futures. Make sure all that come after us have an easier job than the one we have to do.
We want desperately to make it easier on our kids when the time comes....not so much stuff.

It is a bitter reminder that life is fragile and often short. And although my Father-in-Law was 87 years old and had a good life, there is no guarantee that ours will be so long.
The old adage of planning ahead is certainly a good one, and as we wade through the loss and overpowering job, we are taking notes. We want it easier for our kids when we have gone.
Have you planned your "exit", made wills or trusts? Made a note as to your final wishes, so there are no questions?
Sorry it is a somber reminder for all of us.....

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