Saturday, August 17, 2013

Causing quite a stir....

You want a way to create a stir? Create a buzz among your neighbors?
Have a moving van pull up into your driveway!
Yeah, they watched and talked and finally one of the brave ones asked, "Are you moving?"
Well, of course not!
We finally completed moving my Father-in-Law's stuff to our home. Well, actually most of the stuff from his little storage areas in the garage of his condo in Dana Point.
You see, there was no place to go through them down in the bottom of the garage...and not much light. So, after spending almost everyday cleaning out the actual 1,900 sq ft condo, we opted to pay movers to bring the last few pieces of furniture we were keeping and the boxes in the storage area so we could go through them slowly and more comfortably.
Although, I don't know how comfortably we can work on it though, there isn't much room. the plan is to work one box at a time and work our way through....
And the most prized piece of all, the great Hall clock (we have been calling a grandfather clock and were corrected by the clock man). It is now residing in our livingroom. The clock box that you see is minus the clock parts because the clock parts weigh in at 250 lbs by themselves! They needed cleaning so they went with the clock man to get cleaned and polished. The box by itself weighs about 200 lbs and stands at 92" tall, 24" wide and 18" deep. It was no small feat to get it here! The guys who moved it, with Best Movers, were awesome. If you live in California, they really are the best movers in the state.
Anyway, here is the place the Hall clock now resides.....
With 2 1/2" to spare, it now forms a majestic demeanor to our living room! Good thing that we have a cement slab under our wood floor!
Here is to completing a difficult task, and to taking on the boxes that remain!
Have a great weekend.....

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