Thursday, August 8, 2013

Beans still coming......

Well, I am impressed!
First off, I am impressed that my Hubby, who is anti-beans, especially limas, is in love with our King Beans!
Maybe it is the fact they didn't cost much and are paying their way.
Maybe it is the fact that it is a vigorous vine that is striking.
Or maybe it is just because that  they are tasty!
But yesterday I harvested about a quart of beans, the shelled beans!

The brown pods you see were almost all dry, not completely, so those are sitting on the counter, finishing drying.
The green ones will be eaten in the near future. I shelled them into containers and put them in the fridge.
These beans are easy to shell and so pretty with their reddish streaks running through. Those streaks become dominant as they get dry. The green in the bean fades to cream, so they are red and cream when dry.
So, those months ago when we bought a little bag of "magic" beans for $5, ate most minus 5, the one that survived has paid us back....that was a great $5 spent. Now we have plenty to plant for next year, many to enjoy now.
Maybe the next batch can be frozen.....
Have a great day!
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