Monday, July 22, 2013

Tomato Sauce

My daughter and I made some tomato sauce, that we put in jars and froze. There was really enough to get the big kettle out and do canning, and frankly the cupboard is full as is now, our freezer. Who knew that with 8 tomato plants we would get so many tomatoes? Many have been cut and frozen. But this once we wanted to make tomato sauce.
Here I am cutting up the tomatoes. We didn't need to do much more than chop.
And Chop!
Then we cooked up some onions and garlic, and added the tomatoes.....
And then added homegrown basil and oregano.
And then when they were soft and cooked through, we put them through our food mill....
And here is our sauce, simmering along.
Now, because these were not Roma or other paste tomatoes, we needed to cook them down quite a bit. But in any case, "waste not, want not", right?
So, there were two and a half quarts of tomato sauce put in the freezer. And yes, I remembered to leave quite a bit of head room for expansion of the sauce! I didn't once, and it broke all over the freezer....not pretty at all.
Have a great day!

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