Thursday, July 25, 2013

Old German

Well, the last tomato plant is giving us all its tomatoes almost all at once.
The Old German is spectacular ! The tomatoes, most of them, are large...about 16 oz ea. Yup, most, some are smaller, but they are all large and so much so that the pole it was tied to, was not longer a support, it literally slid down the pole with the weight of the tomatoes.
This is an heirloom tomato, complete with wrinkles, odd shapes and oh it's flavor!

As you can see, it is a yellow and orange stripey tomato.....
And yes, the stripes go through......
Yes, it has the heirloom shape that makes it hard to cut, but, the flavor is sweet, really sweet and juicy, and it has less acid than some hybrid types, but not so much less that it loses yumminess.
This was the first year we grew this variety, so it is a novelty to us.
We purchased the started plant from Roger's Gardens in Newport Beach, where we have been buying our started plants for about 5 years. the plants from there come from growers all over, but are of excellent health and condition. We used to buy seed and start them ourselves, but we have a suburban backyard and there isn't enough room for all the plants, and so many people around here don't really garden that many plants ended up in the trash!
So, there you have it, an unqualified thought on the Old German tomato.
Will we grow it again? Yes, absolutely, if we can get again. And next time it will get an proper support.
Have a great day.


Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

I have tried to grow tomatoes, but the little critters stole them off the vine. I think I need to read up on basic gardening because I'd love to grow beauties like your Old Germans! They look delicious!!

Julie Marie said...

Hi there... and thank you so much for visiting my blog... your tomatoes look yummy!... and your puppies on your sidebar are adorable!... wishing you a blissful weekend, xoxo Julie Marie