Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Nancy and the Beanstalk

Not too terribly long ago, my Hubby and I bought "King Beans" from a vendor at the Irvine Farmer's Market. It was a small bag, with about 20 beans in it. It cost a whole $5. We thought what kind of bean costs so much money? Curiosity won out over the cost, and we took our treasure home.
King Beans are a type of broad bean, and these had been shelled, so all we had were these shelled fresh beans.
Now, anyone who really knows me, knows that curiosity drives me further, and I took out 5 beans and planted them right there and then.
Slugs and snails ate 4 of the plants that came up....and one survived and grew, and grew and grew.
Now we know what kind of magic beans that Jack bought, they were King Beans!
Imagine what would happen if you had a handful and planted them!

If it were able to climb something this would easily be 14 ft tall....I actually had to add a stake to the inside of the trellis that it started on, and it still isn't enough!
The bean pods that it is setting are an average of 6" long and 2 1/2-3" wide, and the beans inside are slowly forming. This plant will take all summer and into the fall to set its beans.

And here is the main stalk, at almost 2" thick, imagine a handful of these!
Have you ever grown a King Bean?? Let me know....

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