Friday, July 5, 2013

Keeping up with the tomatoes

We have all had it happen, the tomatoes all ripen at the same time. And, sometime, the tomatoes have that ugly "blossom end rot".  Well, I harvested another basket of tomatoes, probably about 6-7 pounds worth. Not wanting to waste anything, I set about making Tomato Jam.
Yes, I know, sounds awful. But really, you don't put this on toast. You use it as a condiment. More like catsup (or ketchup) however you spell or pronounce it, it is yummy! Around here we use it in place of salsa! So, since I knew I wasn't going to can it, just pop it in the fridge, I thought, why not??

So, there are many recipes for tomato jam out there. And, of course, I lost the copy I had of the one I adored from last year! So, I went looking for one that was similar.....
This one, from Delectable Musings, was close to what I remembered, so that is the "guide" I used. Her recipe called for brown and white sugar, the one I had before didn't, so I just used white sugar. Also, her recipe called for Roma tomatoes, I had a variety of there is more water in these, just makes for a longer cooking time, roughly 90+ minutes.
I used the food processor to pulse the tomatoes, I don't like lots of chunks, hers was more like a chutney, mine more like catsup. This is the tomatoes with all the ingredients boiling away....I reduced it and watched over it the whole time, stirring frequently. This can get away with you and burn, so play with the temp so that it simmers so that you can just about stir it down, but not quite.... Last year I did a batch and left the room for three minutes, and it burned, so watch it.
After 95+ minutes of stirring and stirring my brew, it got jammy ( a small amount on a cool dish got firm). Roughly 5 pounds of tomatoes, turned into 1 quart and a pint. Not much to can, but perfect in the fridge. This will last about a week or so. Yummmmm
Have you ever tried Tomato Jam? Do you have a favorite recipe??
Hope to hear from you....

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