Friday, June 14, 2013

Reinforcing our Pottery Barn chairs.....

Our new kitchen is ten years old. The doors sag a bit (I don't know how to adjust European hinges). The thermofoil "skin" has turned a bit yellow and less white and the Pottery Barn chairs we bought are showing lots of wear.
The undersides are a simple wire "spring" and the fabric they put on, basically a muslin, has disintegrated to show that they used thin, cheap foam. Sigh. They were not cheap chairs and we hoped they would last longer....

On a couple of chairs the muslin was completely gone....sigh....what is a lady to do?
Well, the wire is in good shape and the foam has a bit of life left. So, in an attempt to prolong the life of our chairs....I bought jute webbing....
I tried a couple of techniques for weaving and gave up on it being "perfect". Instead went for stability. After all, who really looks at the underside of a chair?
 This is what most of them turned out to be. I used the juste to weave in under the wire and staple them.
There were a couple that got a few extra strands of webbing, though I am sure they won't last much longer. Gravity will take effect and all.
However, the overall time wasn't too bad in weaving the webbing in.(My arthritic fingers aren't too happy with me. 6 chairs and pushing the webbing under the wire....)
It will protect the foam longer and the chairs feel just a bit firmer than they did before.
I think it is a good temporary fix that I hope lasts at least a couple of years....
The webbing I purchased at JoAnn's. It was 79 cents a yard. I then had a coupon for 50% off. Sweet! 21 3/4 yds for $9. That is a significant savings to any on the web (no pun intended). Most wanted me to buy 72 yds for an average of $35 plus shipping.
I cut the webbing in generous strips and still have some leftover.....
Humm, now what do I do with leftover webbing????
Have a great day.

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