Saturday, June 1, 2013

And done!

Well, minus a couple of T molding we hoped we wouldn't need, but do....
Our floor was finished today, by 3:15. All of it. The guys stayed a bit and helped move the bookcases in and they put felt footings on all the furniture, which required a couple of trips to the hardware store.
All the fear, all the worry, looks simply more than amazing. We have moved to a different house, without moving...sweet! Already, our daugther and husband came to see the amazing transformation and our great friends down the street, as well as a neighbor who wanted to know what was going on...
So, here my dear readers is the end result, minus the T molding I mentioned and a really good paint job that needs to be arranged.
The Picture from our front hallway into the kitchen.
Our new livingroom, with my husband's family's persian rugs that we had cleaned. It is so nice to have our rooms back in place.....
Here is a picture from the other end of the hall looking toward the front entry hall....
Here is the family room. The bookcases are back, minus their shelves that will come back tomorrow...I wanted you to see the paint job, the main body of the bookcases is the same as the wall, and the backs are ASCP French Linen....and then there is the new rug. It is a rug from IKEA, a nylon rug, so it can be cleaned, and the colors are perfect. See the door?? I showed that to you a few days ago, it blends perfectly into the wall....and of course, our new floor....
It is done. No more sleepless nights over right or wrong, or how long it would take etc. It is just a matter of doing the last little things with Darrell and paying him for the most fantastic job.
Now, for interest. I was told by his right hand guy, oh yeah, they did Mariah Carey's house about a year ago....yeah, see, he is the best custom floor guy in Southern California! We shopped and shopped and shopped. Darrell Pheasant custom floors is the best and he doesn't need a store or to advertise. He operates by word of mouth and happy customers....If you need great floors, let me know I will pass his name and number along! He got us a fantastic deal on the floors, and even better gave us the best service ever!!!
What did we learn??
Basically, don't be in a hurry. Go ahead and go to lots of stores and talk to lots of people. Talk to neighbors and pick their brains. Learn from what they learn.
I found Darrell because I talked with Bob from Dunnwell carpet & rug cleaning. Darrell had done his sister's house. It is truly who you know.
Second, trust your gut. If you don't like the guy you are talking to about floors, don't use him, even if the price seems really good. Keep looking.
We went to 27 stores, and had 6 quotes.
Don't take the cheapest, and don't take the most expensive. Trust your instincts. These people will be in your home for a good deal of time. In our case, 1200 sq ft took 5 days.
Ask questions, lots. If the people you ask questions don't like that, move on. Feel free to ask, it is your floor and your home, so ask. There truly is no such thing as a dumb question.
In our case, we are anti T moldings, and these guys don't either, so they do custom things to avoid them. T moldings sometimes can't be avoided, but often they are used because the floor people are being lazy.
Our floors in the livingroom, they cut into the brick fireplace hearth to make the floors seamless and no T moldings. Ask. If they can't imagine other ways to do it, keep looking and gather as much information as possible.
Finally, think about what suits your family. Don't let someone tell you what you should have. We wanted wood. Engineered wood, certainly, we are on a slab and needed the floors to 1/2 " or less. Many were insistant that we needed laminate. But, with proper care our new hardwood engineered floors will last well past their warranty. And well, we have Darrell to help us when there is a problem.
If you have more questions I would be happy to help.
Choosing floors and having them put in is not an easy task. It is a major job.And you will have it for a very long time.
We have made good choices and bad choices in flooring. The best choice was when we bought the carpet 20 years ago, we bought the very best we could afford. We still have it in the bedrooms. With a really good deep cleaning it should last a while longer, a year or two. Maybe more.
If you choose carpet, get the best you can and learn everything you can about it.
If you choose wood, study every floor you can. Learn as much as you can and don't be afraid to ask. Then think really hard about the way you live and what you have in your home now. Pinterest is a fabulous source that I found helpful to gather a feeling of what we liked and what would work for our lifestyle. Look at the pictures, what makes your heart go "pitter patter".  After a while, a clue as to what you really want will start to show.
I hope our adventure helps you on your adventures....


Marina PĂ©rez said...

Great Nancy! Congratulations! There's a big difference between before and after, I love it!


Michelle said...

Your floors look fantastic you must be so happy with them :) Always so much worry and stress with these big projects but the end result is always worth it isnt it. Looking good!