Monday, May 20, 2013

Odds and Ends

I am still working on the bookcases for the family room. It isn't as easy as I thought it would be, not at all. Turns out, I am painting over oil base. Yeah.
Basically, it is turning out okay, but now that I am on to the shelves themselves, well, it isn't as easy. Not at all.
I am rolling the paint on, as the texture from the roller seems to get better adhesion. But, when it is fully dry and I flip them, the side just painted sticks a bit to the sawhorses and lifts off. Grrrrr.
So, I had a revelation.
Why not apply a coat of Annie Sloan Wax when they are fully dry?
So, I did.
Know what? So, far so good! It looks like that might just be the answer...paint, dry, wax and flip and repeat.....I will let you know, but so far, so good.....

I also tried another little gem today, picked up from Pinterest, my front door gets very dirty, because the gardener blows into the house....double Grrrrrr. So, frustrated I am trying a tip that was originally used for baseboards....bounce dryer sheets. Yup, you heard (read) right. Apparently, dryer sheets when rubbed on woodwork, gives dirt the bounce off....Soooo, I cleaned the front door as much as I could and then rubbed the dryer sheets all over the door. I was amazed at the dirt that came off what I thought was a clean door! Seriously, and there was a luster to the door not there! If this works, I won't cringe as much when the gardener blows.
And yes, I have talked with him about it. He doesn't really get it, and frankly, I hate blowers. Might just make this a "blower free zone" in the future. But, if this helps, I am on a roll.
have a great day!

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