Friday, May 10, 2013

A New Adventure

For months we have been looking and talking about floors. It's all we seem to talk about, and eventually, we will move on to other things...
But our adventure will be starting the 28th of May. Can it be that so soon? May is almost over? Really?
After 27 floor stores, 6 quotes and tabled discussions, we have made a decision. We are going with a darker floor (as opposed to a worn "Paris chic" light oak floor), and one that has a 5" plank, made of Hickory with what is called "chatter".  All that means is the floor should be able to stand up to our two labs and a party or two, and when the eventual scratch comes (and they will) I won't cry, I will just whip out one of those pens and cover it up.
So, I will be documenting our adventure. Moving from carpet in the family room and living room that is 20 years old to all wood (except in the bedrooms) will be somewhat daunting. And the old oak floors are coming out, because they didn't hold up....Sure wish I had that magic wand......
Lots has to be moved so the guys can come do this floor.
Here is a few pics of the sample....

This is the same sample board, in different lights. The bottom picture is in the livingroom on the floor next to the fireplace brick. It gives you a picture of the blue carpet. You can see the "chatter"(premade cross cuts) on the floor sample. We chose one with "chatter" for two main reasons, one it won't show scratches as easily as it is already "scratched" and won't be as slippery. It gives the floor "tooth" and that was important seeing as both Hubby and I have bad knees and so does our dog, Belle. Plus, it gives it that time worn look I love.
We have moved the little sample which is about 16" x 14" all over the house at different times of day for different lights. It is hard to decide, finally, on anything with this size sample let alone the little tiny 3" pieces you get at the home stores....
However, the carpet has seen the last of the carpet cleaners and has done beautifully through the girls' lives and ours...the carpets endured our last labrador as well as these two through puppyhood. The carpet has seen proms, showers, birthdays and holidays and now its time for it to go.
In many ways clean up will be easier and in others, well more constant as the dogs shed, a great deal.
I wonder, what these floors will see....grandchildren? Maybe someday, for now just getting them in will be adventure enough.
So, the docs are signed, the floors are ordered and we will be underway.
Here is to the adventure! May it be smooth......

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